Immersive VR

360 degree immersive/VR photography and services

We provide a complete VR photography service for both virtual tours and object movies: planning, photography and authoring the VR movies and any necessary programming to integrate the content with your website.

  • Fully customized multiple node immersive virtual tours with optional maps and
  • Object VR movies for product display in 360 degrees (including greenscreening)
  • Your choice of technologies for display and web integration

We have multiple rigs in our inventory including a 9 meter pole system and a robotic VR setup that means we can shoot aeriel/remote VRs or other tricky locations where a regular human operated camera would either be unable to fit or to be unable to stay while the shot is produced.

Visit our VR portfolio to view a selection of both Flash and HTML5 enabled VRs from around the world on your computer or iOS/Android device with gyroscope functionality.

What and why
Whether you are looking to sell a property, showcase a product or provide an informative walk through of a location or exhibit, immersive virtual tours are the best way to let your indended audience spend quality informative time with your product or location. The viewer is free to examine the product or location at their own pace and to their own level of detail, leaving them more engaged and attentive than any slideshow or static position video clip ever can. The output has a high ‘wow’ factor that will keep visitors on your website and showing it off to their friends. The results are second to none, delivery of the product is professional and swift and the pricing is much cheaper than you would imagine from looking at the end product. Tours can be integrated with your existing web content or can be made to interact with other content such as Google Maps and other 3rd party websites.

Multiple nodes and interaction
Multiple rooms can be linked together within the movie via hotspots so the viewer can click to move from location to location at their own pace. Items in the movie can be clicked on to link to URLs or cause page content to change dynamically.

Output Quality
The quality of output far exceeds what the majority of companies offering VR services can, or do, deliver. Movies are full 360 degree and not pan or tilt limited in any direction. The high quality of optics used and the high level of detail in the output mean that the viewer can zoom to view expected details in full screen resolution without disappointment.

Your Choice of Technologies – Output Formats Offered
Output can be delivered in any one of multiple formats, in both full and web resolution versions with full screen capability.
For the technically inclined: in 360/180 equirectangular and in HTML5/CSS3, encapsulated Flash .swf (FPP/Krpano/Pano2VR). Quicktime cubic .mov is also available.
HTML5 viewing is supported in all modern browsers including iOS and Android devices, and Flash files work with Flash Player 9 thru 11, so 99% of your clientelle will be able to view panoramas without installing additional software.)
We can skin your panoramas to provide maps and hotspot information, and can help you with integrating the content in your website by providing your developers with direct javascript/php/css support.

iOS/Android apps
We can also offer you the option to supply your VR content built into a ready to distribute iOS or Android app. All of the development is done in house, allowing us to turn around VR apps normally in less than 7 days and for a very competitive rate. Your app can support gyroscopic control for augmented reality style interaction with the panoramas.

Your location and subject
We are available to travel to shoot all over the world and have extensive experience of dealing with tricky subjects, locations and lighting. Our robotic shooting cabability permits us to capture immersive photography where it would be impractical or dangerous for a human opertaed camera to be positioned.

Please contact us for pricing details as our highly competitive quote will be dependent on many factors due to the nature of the service.