Object VR

This technology uses the 360 degrees of panning to rotate the object rather than the viewer.

As such it is ideally suited to product photography for ecommerce, allowing the customer to view the product from any angle they desire. This technology enables the viewer to zoom in and out to see details and aquaint themselves with a product in a way that regular still photography simply does not allow. We can offer these object movies supplied in Adobe Flash, HTML5, Quicktime or even a simple Javascript powered version. So no unusual plugins and the effect can be enjoyed by 99% of your web customers right away.

The following example is a single row Object VR movie (using Flash or HTML5) with zoom enabled. You can click and drag to pan. Once zoomed, hold down shift and drag to scroll around.

This content requires HTML5 & Javascript or Adobe Flash Player Version 9 or higher.

Both the above ObjectVR and the cover image used on the book Stardust by Joseph Kanon are © Matthew Field