An unexpected HCB moment

Caught in a sudden monsoon rainstorm in Amsterdam and having rushed under some shelter, I saw a cyclist approaching, trying desperately to steer whilst using an umbrella. I managed to get my camera out fast enough to catch this, which seemed like nothing until I converted it to black and white and played with a little when it just took on this unexpected Henri Cartier-Bresson feel. Far be it from me or anyone else to suggest that they are HCB, but I was pleased with the outcome…


6 thoughts on “An unexpected HCB moment

  1. When comparing to HCB you are setting a high standard.Well done for catching the moment, but the composition isn’t strong enough.It falls apart.

  2. well it was only a comment about a passing resemblance, as I said I wasn’t making a direct comparison, this was after all a totally snatched moment.

  3. Not bad. The blur even gives it a nice feeling of urgency. As if the rider is having a hard time controlling his bike and is desperately trying to get OUT of the rain.

  4. haha the umbrella made me think of HCB immediately. i like your work, the virtual reality stuff is very neat. check out my website, i do alot of shots of musicians and bands and landscape stuff.

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