Making something of early digital captures

Back in 2003, I took a helicopter tour of Manhattan, unfortunately I only had my old Fuji digital P&S with me at the time. Since I am unlikely to repeat the experience any time soon, I am trying out ways of making something out of the images which are all characteristically unsharp, low in contrast and suffering from various distortions thanks to the crappo lens.

This particular image I like for the fact that it’s an angle on the city that’s impossible without a helicopter. Manhattan shots are all too often from the top of the ESB or cliched angles from next to the Brooklyn Bridge.

New York retro

This one has been given a lomo color treatment and a separate vignette action with blur

2 thoughts on “Making something of early digital captures

  1. hi matt

    my name is matt field too and i actually just started my own photo blog page. it seems you are a professional photographer with a nice eye while i am not a professional.

    this picture of manhattan is beautiful!

    stop by my site sometime. id be interested in what you think about some of my pics


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