iClipboard – for the iPhone owner who wishes they had it all

You own an iPhone, you love it, except that from time to time (like every day) something happens that makes you wonder whether the Apple engineers ever owned a mobile phone, or even one of their own computers.

Maybe someone texts you a phone number and you’d like to email it to someone, or perhaps someone wants you to text them a third person’s contact details. Unless you possess the memory for numbers of a operating system coder (this is where it starts to make sense), you stand no chance of remembering the number whilst you switch applications and starting to type it in.

You wonder what the hell they were thinking… Apple-C, Apple-V anyone? You can fly a 3D flight simulator on the thing, you can view virtual reality tours, but you can’t copy a phone number.

Well, all is not lost thanks to the good folks at your local office supply store. You can install the missing clipboard feature and get a handy case into the bargin. And all with retro 1980s chic.

Introducing the iClipboard. Only $2.99. And readily available in time for the holiday season.

The iClipboard
No more paper free existence for you.